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Genius Minds Set of 3 Vol.1:

Jean Michel Basquiat

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1960 Vol. 49, No. 10

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Illustration by André Carrilho.

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White Xenia Crab from Indonesia

“Lembeh Strait is a fantastic place to find species that have evolved to resemble other animals or plants to survive. Because of the lens I was using, I had to get really close to this crab. As I moved in, it retreated into the xenia coral polyps. When I backed up, it came back out. The skittish crab, in addition to having the wrong lens for the task, made this a challenging shot.”

Nature’s Best Photographer, Marli Wakeling

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Kim Soo Hyun for ZIO ZIA Fall 2014

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 Shinwa Shoujo (1997)

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Donna Leitch
red light district, 2014

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